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_Alpine interior culture

If you think of the mountains of the Hohe Tauern, of their lush forests, the rugged rocks and their lush alpine pastures, a certain type of furniture, of handicrafts, of interiors inevitably comes to mind - and always the material wood.

Josef B. Pichler in Großkirchheim - in the middle of the wonderful landscape of the upper Mölltal - has stood for this type of furniture construction for generations - a furniture culture of the Hohe Tauern. The company works in two different worlds. The narrowness of the valley is no obstacle to acting internationally and always at the cutting edge. The strength for the daily work and for many designs is drawn from the surrounding nature.

_Regenerative manufacturing

Regenerative production means much more than sustainable work. For us, regenerative means that we always approach the material wood, which we take from nature, which nature has given us, carefully, efficiently and constructively.

Our furniture, our furniture culture, becomes part of our customers living space, becomes a companion in their homes for years to come, and in doing so we give nature and the environment back the wood in a form that we have refined.


_From the Hohe Tauern

for the whole world

For us, regenerative production also means that we reflect on the values of our surroundings. We draw strength from the landscape of the Hohe Tauern and transform it with modern arts. 

However, we can also fall back on a large network of international partners and can thus deliver the furniture culture of the Hohe Tauern to the whole world.

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