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Küche Boesz Heiligenblut Fotocredit: JBP

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modern arts

We know how to breathe new life into traditional work, such as carving, classic carpentry with our employees and thus turn it into modern art.​

The tradition of cabinet making is our basis. A basis that is deeply rooted in our environment and that can only be implemented with the material wood from the area.

​Elements in our furniture culture in the Hohe Tauern are still traditionally carved and incorporated. This furniture culture only emerges through the symbiosis between contemporary interior planning, craftsmanship and modern arts.

_Kunsttischlerei in


Craftsmanship in modern arts combined with regenerative production is combined in cabinetmaking to create a furniture culture in the Hohe Tauern.

Pictures say more than words, hence a few selected impressions, motions of our projects.

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