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Flying Kitchen Seefeld Fotocredit: JBP

_Interior planning

For us, interior means much more than just setting up a living space, a living space. Interior paired with a regenerative production from the material wood becomes furniture culture from the Hohe Tauern. 

For generations, Josef B. Pichler has stood for this type of furniture construction and its quality craftsmanship. He always sets accents and incorporates modern arts, current designs, modern materials and techniques paired with traditional, handcrafted processing into his 3D planning.

As a result, interiors by Josef B. Pichler have an international recognition value. Josef Pichler is known for his good ideas and planning.

Josef Pichler, CEO and interior designer:

"I take my time for our customers from the first meeting to the final assembly. And above all, I take the time to find solutions."

_From the idea

to planning and to

the realisation

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